HMC Hospital

Neuro Spine Trauma Centre


Providing Optimum medical care with
optimum tools and techniques
at a cost
which is affordable for maximum number of people,
which brings value, happiness and satisfaction
for both
who received it (Patient and their relatives)
who provide it (the hospital team)

  • Treat patients with the best (or the chosen by him/ her) technique at affordable cost near their home.
  • Provide choice of all the good options of treatment.
  • Make available the world class techniques for patient management.
  • Try to provide better treatment to those who were denied treatment at other institutions due to medical reasons: like old, high risk, seem to be incurable etc.
  • Reduce the cost by curtailing “the frills”(not the essentials) and without compromising the quality of medical management.
  • Always upgrade ourselves with better tools and techniques.
  • Develop of new techniques and tools for safer and better patient management and results.
  • Make the hospital a better working, caring and sharing place for the employees.

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